Why Choose E4TG?

 Japan Average TOEFL® Speaking score: 15
Global Average TOEFL® Speaking score: 19
E4TG Average Top TOEFL® Speaking score: 23

avg tfl scores

Why do my students do so much better on TOEFL® Speaking than most Japanese?

  • Strategy: I teach the same speaking strategies that native speakers use. No “templates”. We focus on skill development and speaking efficiency, so my students’ TOEFL® Speaking scores are relatively high and relatively stable.
  • Delivery: As a phonologist, I have effective advice and techniques to help you improve your delivery. Fluency and intonation problems are easy to diagnose and train.
  • Class environment: The small group classes are motivating, supportive, and encourage friendly competition.

If you have never lived abroad, your TOEFL® Speaking goal should be SP23. This is not difficult (3.0 x 6). You do not need to be perfect. If you have clear pronunciation and practice every day, you should reach this level in 3-6 months. It depends on your effort.

I have personally scored 30 using my own strategies every time I’ve taken TOEFL® iBT. If I can get SP30 (4.0 x 6) with these strategies, you should be able to get SP23 (3.0 x 6).

If one person can do it, anyone can do it!

- Donald Miller